Our Vision


ID Vision (Interior Design Vision) creates signature interior design elements. Inspired by visual rhythm and 3D imaging, we print original patterns on wallpapers, furniture upholstery and other interior accessories.

Our studio features four distinct permanent collections: Architecture, Aquatic, Flora and Nostalgia. Architecture, for example, is about conservative geometrical lines and pastel tones, while Aquatic features quirky and psychedelic 3D visuals with splashes of fluorescent colors. Every aesthetic concept from each collection is initially drawn by hand, digitized and transferred to fine materials during a sustainably minded and carefully conducted production process. Certain designs, owing to their repeatability, can be adjusted to cover a surface of any size or form.


Our aim is to create prints inspired by various shapes and colors that evoke different stories. We love patterns, as not only do they furnish spaces with rhythm, but they also invite us to imagine and to dream further. Besides, the practicality of patterned designs makes them simultaneously original and versatile, authentic – yet adaptable.

We believe in taking care of the planet; therefore, our materials, including the printing ink, are sourced from environmentally friendly vendors. We also utilize leftover copy sheets as wrapping paper, nullifying our production waste.


ID Vision started as Salome Mamrikishvili’s passion project. As a professional interior designer, Salome has enjoyed drawing since childhood. From her effort to merge her passion with her profession and find an authentic channel for self-expression, ID Vision was born.

Salome holds a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Master of Science degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute. During her years in New York, she successfully worked in architecture and interior design. After moving back to Georgia, she continues to successfully manage private interior design projects as well as ID Vision.